GENERAL management is a decision support system (DSS) for oil-transport


DIM-Database Information Manager v2.4

This is the application a-la SQLExplorer for easy work with any database. More information

The newest features in DIM 2.4:
1. Visual SQL Builder for SQL-statement creation
2. extended list of useful predefined Oracle queries
3. reverse engineering and visual presentation for database structure
4. added the support for packages/types/triggers/sequences etc object types for Oracle with possibility to edit/compile and view errors
5. Interbase database support added
6. Recent Manager
7. extended data export and import possibilties
8. visual filtering and easy setup for grid layout
9. Windows XP theming
10. and more...

The newest features in DIM 1.75:
1. possibility to work with few databases in one time (MDI interface)
2. possibility to select a db-provider for data access (BDE, ADO, ODBC, Oracle)
PS: in the next version I'll add the Interbase support

3. possibility to view a database properties
4. possibility to view a BDE properties
5. new design style (glyphs, toolbars etc)
6. and more...

If you'll find a some bugs or you'll want to suggest a some useful feature, you're welcome:)

direct Paradox viewer v1.3

This small viewer allows to read the Paradox tables on any computer.

Most viewers use the BDE for Paradox open. But this tool allow to read tables directly without any external libraries.
Small and fast. More information

direct MS Excel pure viewer v1.2

This small viewer for MS Excel files allows to view the contents for xls-sheets and read the internal xls-records for debug.

This viewer don't use any external libraries (no installed MS Excel, no OLE, no ADO etc). Small and fast. More information

Metafile convert v1.7

This smart tool allow to convert any metafile into another file format (MS Excel, PDF, RTF, HTML, XML, CSV, TIFF, Lotus 1-2-3, QuattroPro and more).

No any external libraries or setup required. Small and very fast. More information

powerful batch archiver v1.2

Useful archiver that allow to compress files/directories in a few mouse clicks. Most compression formats (zip, cab, tar etc), different modes (append, update etc), extnded rules for archive name generation (, for example) are supported.

Additional expert for Borland Delphi/C++Builder allow to integrate this archiver in IDE and create the archives with files of project.

More information

DBLoad v2.11 - console tool for database import (with command line/parameters support)

This tool allow to load external files with records into database. The different file formats supported: CSV, text, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, XML, HTML, any ADO datasource, Paradox, dBase, Lotus 1-2-3, QuattroPro and more

Visual editor for load settings allow to save specification and re-use this specification later during data loading.
Command line support allows to execute data importing by any scheduler (for example, Task Scheduler in MS Windows).

More information

ShowPW v1.0 - show the hidden passwords in standard edit boxes

If you'll see the "*******" instead your normal login/password string and you want to view it, just run the ShowPW and move a mouse cursor over hidden password - you'll see the "un-hidden" value in ShowPW window. More information

CachePW v1.0 - show cached passwords

If you'll see the any stored password that saved during your secure sessions, web surfing, online registration etc. More information

WWW Domain and State Finder v1.7

This is a very useful and simple application - you can find a country name by www domain name and on the contrary. Also similar to find any state in USA/Canada/etc. More information

For example, UA is Ukraine domain, IL is Illinois, USA.

Full list of names, domains and flages for any country. Quick search by name or code.
The state list is available for USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and more

IMPORTANT: available a whois-service for any domain code! You can easy to check a german domain or china site.

PS: if you want to add the list of states and flages of any other country, please contact to me by email.


PicView - Picture Viewer

It's a simply viewer a most common picture formats. You can to view a such picture types:
CompuServe GIF images (with animate possibility)
Bitmap files
Windows Enhanced Metafiles
Windows Metafiles

You can to view with normal or stretch mode and also you can to preview a image with origin picture sizes.
If you want, you can to print picture and to save in file with any formats!

Download now


This is the simple richtext editor with a useful functions Download now

You can:
drag'n'drop a file (for example, from Explorer into SMWPad)
drag'n'drop selected text
change a font name, size, style or color for full text or selection
change line alignment
undo your last action
search for text
search for and replace text
insert the current date and time (many other patterns)
insert a font list (screen fonts, printer fonts or both). For each font you can insert also list with available sizes. You can insert any text line or full character set
change the way text wraps on your screen
create a bullet list
format a paragraph
translate a text from one character table into any else

export text to HTML-file
increase/decrease indents from ruler or toolbar

SMWordPad has a view style like Microsoft WordPad (but with additional functions!)


FoxPro applications

BUH   accounting system
PAYDOCS   management of a payment documents
WAGE   calculation system of employee wages (salary)
EMPLOYEE   system of a company personal department
MTC   inventory system
ASSIST   corporative management of a incoming/outcoming documents
ADVISER   system of a lawyers
KLASS   corporative classification system of a products
ORDERS   corporative management of a product purchases and sales


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