Archive Express is powerful backup tool for automatical batch compression of your critical data. You only need to setup it once and it will execute the defined backup task in one click.

Strong encryption, password protection and different compression methods on the fly and many other features will protect your valuable data.

Archive Express is your utility if you want:
  • to store in one archive the data from different folder and/or disks
  • to create an archive in one mouse click
  • to create a daily/weekly/monthly backup
  • to store the incremental backups
  • to synchronizate a few computers or disks
  • to support the different compress methods
  • to add the desired folders/files using drag'n'drop interface
  • to include and/or exclude the folders/files not only one after other but also using wildcards and custom rules
  • to define the extended rules for generation of archive name (incremental, date/time, user definitions etc)
  • command line support (useful feature for any scheduler)
  • before and post actions which you can use for logging, patching, notifications or some OS command execution (copy file, for example) etc
  • intuitive Explorer style user interface

Archive Express is extraordinarily handy and one of the timesavers. The best performance and compression ratio are intergrated into small size.

Do you work at work and at home with same files on personal computer and/or laptop? Use ArchiveExpress for file transfering and synchronization!
Are you a network administrator and you must control a lot of computer with secure corporative data? Archive Express is solution for you!

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