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#125: How can I calculate a date of the "second Wednesday of November"?

Today I want to continue a posting of small routunies for date playing.

In any scheduler you can define the desired time of execution as "Second Wednesday" of some month/year. To calculate such dates is very simple task.

I'll show it on small sample. For example, you want to calculate a date of second Wednesday of November in the 2001.

In this case you must:
1. to receive a date of first day in November 2001:

dt := EncodeDate(2001, 11, 1);

2. to calculate a first Wednesday in the November:

while (DayOfWeek(dt) <> 4) do
dt := dt + 1;

3. to calculate a next Wednesday:

dt := dt + 7;

The similar method you can use for calculation of last Wednesday of November 2001:
1. to receive a date of last day in November 2001:

dt := EncodeDate(2001, 11, 30);

2. to calculate a last Wednesday in the November:

while (DayOfWeek(dt) <> 4) do
dt := dt - 1;

Of course, you can use the similar code for calculation of third Sunday or fourth Friday in any month of any year.

I used this schema in own application for database synchronization which supports a custom scheduler and my users like this feature. I hope that you'll add something like that in the own applications.

Published: September 4, 2001

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