SMMoneyStr component

This component gives an opportunity of reception from numeric value to its verbal string. The opportunity of the task of currency (US dollars, DM, euros, british pounds, UAH, ukrainian karbovanets and Russian roubles, South Africa Rands, Dominican Republic peso, Rupiah), language of translation (English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Indonesian) and types of number translation in a string is realized.
5K Last updated: July 11, 2022
D3-7, CB3-6 Freeware (with sources):

TMoneyStr - 13748 bytes

You can define:
property Currency - currency for translation (tcUAH, tcKarbovanec, tcUSD, tcRUR, tcDM, tcPound, tcEuro)
property Language - language for translation (tlUkrainian, tlRussian, tlEnglish, tlGerman, tlSpain)
property Expand - types for translation
exWholeSum: expand of the whole part of the number value ('fourty five' or '45')
exWholeCurrency: expand of the currency for whole part ('rubles' or 'rub')
exFractionSum: expand of the fractional part of the number value ('ten' or '10')
exFractionCurrency: expand of the currency for fractional part ('centes' or 'cnt')
property CharCase:
ccLower: all characters in a target string is a small
ccProper: first character is a capital, all rest is a small
ccUpper: all characters in a target string is a capital

The opportunity of use not component, and usual call of function (without registration components), returning verbal string also:
function GetMoneyStr(Value: Double; Expand: TExpand; Language: TLanguage; Currency: TCurrency; CharCase: TCharCase): string;

PS in near future I plan to add a new languages of translation, and also reception of verbal representation not only numbers, but also dates!

Big thanks to Lars Paprotny (, Without Lars help I couldn't create a english and german language support.

If anybody want to help me in new languages support then send a message to me. But component is freeware and I cann't offer a fee for translation.

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