SMFontNamesCombobox and SMFontSizesCombobox components

Extended comboboxes with list of available fonts and sizes
20K Last updated: December 03, 1998
D3-7, CB3-6 Freeware (with sources): SMCombo.Zip

TSMFontNamesCombo component allow to display font names. You can specify desired font device (Device property):

You can customize combobox using Options property
Options = set of (foAnsiOnly, foTrueTypeOnly, foFixedPitchOnly, foNoOEMFonts, foOEMFontsOnly, foScalableOnly):.

PS using FontSizesCombo property you can specify TSMFontSizesCombo component wghich will be filled with list of sizes for selected font.

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TSMFontSizesCombo component allow to display a list of supported sizes for specified font. Only define FontName property and Items property will contain a list of supported sizes

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