TSMSetDBGridDialog component

This component is a visual dialog which allows to change the TDBGrid settings in run-time. The end-users of your applications can easy and quickly to modify the any column parameters (caption, fonts, alignments, colors, order using drag'n'drop etc).
You can hide the wished fields from end-user and control the modifications.
Supports the any successor of TCustomDBGrid type. Multilanguage resources.
60K Last updated: July 11, 2005
D3-2007, CB3-6 Freeware (with sources): SMDBGSet.Zip


TSMSetDBGrid 11242 bytes


In the archive there are English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian, Mexican, Russian, Ukrainian and Japan resources (file SMCnst.PAS).
If anybody want to send native resources, then I shall include it in next build.

Thanks to native tranclators:



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