TSMDBFilterDialog component

This component is a visual dialog which allows to change the TDataset filter property in run-time like MS Outlook filter form. Also you can use this component for generation of the string value (for WHERE clause in SQL or FIND string). The end-users of your applications can easy and quickly to modify the wished conditions.
You can hide the wished fields from end-user and control the modifications.
Supports the any successor of TDataset type. Multilanguage resources.
345K Last updated: September 12, 2011
D3-D2005, CB3-6, BDS2006/2007/2009/2010/XE/XE Freeware (with sources): smcmpnt.zip
Demo app: SMFlDemo.Zip


TSMDBFilterDialog 9408 bytes


In the archive there are English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Brazilian, Mexican, Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak and Japan resources (file SMCnst.PAS).
If anybody want to send a native resources, then I shall include it in next build.

Thanks to native tranclators:

Special thanks to Arpad Toth for best idea and realization of saving/resoring possibilities (like templates in MS Word):

Save/Restore a filter 6360 bytes


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