TSMExportMonitor component
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This component allows to make export given from TDataSet or TDBGrid to the tables of a format Paradox and DBase or in a text file (fixed or comma-delimited), HTML, Excel and Word. For exporting of the data from DBGrid in HTML, Excel or Word the information DBGrid (width of columns, colors, fonts, selected records etc.) is transferred as much as possible.
D3-7, CB3-6 Shareware ($35 with sources of SMExport suite for 20 file formats): smetrial.zip

TSMExportMonitor - 8844 bytes

Being in Delphi designer form it is possible to press the mouse right button and to establish all parameters of export and also to execute export of the data.
In run-time it is possible to export the data or without setup dialog


or with dialog


Also for export to a text file, Excel or Word it is possible to set an opportunity of carry of headings of fields and code table (Windows or Dos), but it is useful only for the russian users.

With carry of the data to a text file it is possible also to set a symbol - separator of fields and to include a fixed output (with the fixed lengths of fields).


PS To establish export of the selected records (in the DBGrid) it is possible only with ColumnSource = csDBGrid and export not in Paradox/DBase.


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