Customers says...

"Considering the time it has saved me, SMImport and SMExport are some of the best investments I've made. Unbelievably good value for money."
Mike Noordermeer []

"Further to what others have said, SMImport (and SMExport) is easily the best. Easily worth 4 times what they're sold for. The one bug I did find, I had a fix for by e-mail in 4 minutes!
Mike's also one of the most helpful guys I've ever encountered. I can't recommend him or his products highly enough."
Andrew Denton []

"I would recommend SMImport, also, and the SMExport is very good, too! Also great support!"
Robert Davis []

"I have been using SMExport for over a year and it's been a very good component and a real asset to programs that I use it in. "
Clements, Al []

"I tried your import and export programs and love them. Components will allow the user to import data from a blood glucose meter. Thank you for making a great component that is reasonably priced."
Jim Berry []

"You did a nice job on the components. They will save me a lot of time."
Toro, Tito []

"The SM suite works well, and the price is right. Just thought I'd let you know, these are some of the best VCL controls I've ever bought. I've used them in several projects and my customers are thrilled with the functionality of both the SMExport and SMImport packages."
accman (

"I did buy their export components and thought they worked great, particularly for the price...
I use it and it couldn't be easier. Works fine as far as I can tell..."
David Ray (

"For a long time I've looked for a tool where the customers are able to export and import in many file formats. Fortunally I've found Mike's SME/SMI component suite. Within a few hours, I've build in these excellent tools into my application. I'm happy because I've saved a lot of time and my customers are happy with the export/import wizzard because there are now free to import what they like. How many hours do you spend for the price (60$) for the SMI/SME component bundle?
Erich Rieder []

"Lange Zeit habe ich nach einer Komponente gesucht die es meinen Kunden ermoglicht auf einfache Art und Weise Daten zu export- und zu importieren. Die Sucherei fand ein schnelles Ende als ich Mike's SME/SMI Komponente gefunden hatte. Innerhalb weniger Stunden war ich mit den Tools vertraut, habe sie in meine Apllikationen eingebaut - und fertig. Alle sind glucklich, die Kunden weil sie nun nach Lust und Laune export- und importieren konnen was sie wollen und ich, weil ich eine Menge Zeit gespart habe. Wieviele Stunden liegen drin bei einem Preis von 70 Euro fur das Bundle SMI/SME?"
Erich Rieder, PC-Software

"Have a look at SMExport. I have been using it for a while with good results"
Kelvin Taite (

"You could use SMExport. All you need to do is to point to a dataset or table and you are on you way to of exporting your paradox table to a excel file."
Edwin Lau (edwin@iredsoft.comnospam)

">I'm looking for a simple non visual component that I could use in my code which would work like this:
>I pass a dataset or query result to it and it saves it as a .xls file. Does anyone know about something similar?
SMExport does it very well and much more"
from Borland forums

"Keep the great work!"
Rick Hazell []

"I really like your product."
from Borland forums

"I have used the SMExport suite and I'm very glad of using it..."
Lauri Ruohonen []

"Great product !! Thanks for your efforts !!"
Dan Labus []

"I like very much your component."
Fernando Cesar Pires Cabral []

"I needed a import/export component that had good end user flexibility. I needed because I wanted to give my clients chooses in their import and export but still shield them from the difficulties of data conversion. SMImport/Export provided me with a long list of recognized data formats and a nice step by step end user dialog that provides the right combination of flexibility and comfort for the end user.
Mark Clark []

"Thanks for a great product. It allowed me to include complete export functionality in our product line literally in a few minutes time. Being able to export to a variety of formats has significantly increased the usefulness of product to our end users."
David Ray, ProSystems Inc/Frontier Medical []

"Thanks for an excellent product."
Bill Bentley, ERP Consulting Services, Inc.,

"The SMExport is very perfect, it almost to meet my requirement."
David, China

"your import and export are just perfect. I have use the wizards and with one line code I have the ability to export and import like no other :-)"
Jan Piessens, JLC Soft,

"I just used the SMExport Wizard for my client's requirements. WOW!!! What a great product you have created, and what a pile of work have you saved me!
Thanks for being such a great programmer!"
Mark A. Swann, B.Sc., NorthSoft Systemst,

"I have an application that has to be able to import data from 7 different file types because there are 7 different legacy systems in the group of companies that are using the application. The Scalabium package allows me to read and write all those file types with the same piece of code. It is quite literally childsplay to move data about between programs with these components."
Walter Anderson,

"I use there SMImport and SMExport components and have been very happy with them."
Kirk McCall, Management Feedback Systems,

"Both their import and export set of components are top notch and at a very reasonable price. I've been using them for quite a while now with no problems whatsoever."
J. B. Ferguson,

"I've had both the import and export suites, and they are AWESOME!"
Chris Cole, Tallon Software, LLC

"Just a quick word to say good job on the export components.
You have saved me a lot of time and you seem to have covered all the areas needed (especially Decision cube and Dev Express grids)."
Tony Petrou, Heroic Solutions Ltd

"The product is superb. It solves any data import/export problem we have and support is really fast and kind! This suite is a must."
Max Sebastiani, NTREE Europa srl

"I love the import/export suite, best 75 bucks I have spent on software."
Anthony Caduto

"Your import component for Excel worked , well, excellent. It is the only one I have used so far with the demo version and it did exactly what I needed it to do"
William Gorlitz

"Your Paradox Viewer have saved me hours work"
Phillip Hassell

"Paradox Viewer works great! Thank you very much for this tool."
Bernd Kruse

"Your Paradox Viewer is very usefull. It's the ONLY one that I've found that can accomplish what I need.
Thanks for programming it! :-)"
Claudio Facilla

"dBase Viewer: Just tried it out now and it works great! Thanks again for your help, this viewer/exporter will save us a lot of time."
Mac A. Riddel

"This utility (Paradox Viewer) will let me get at data in a much easier fashion than I had imagined.
Thanks for your speedy response and thanks for the utility."
Philip Leighton

"I have had great success with your import and export components in my many U.S. Governmental software development projects. They have proven extremely reliable and robust in use over the last few years. I would highly recommend them to anyone for their own projects. The users of my applications love the extensive import and export capability brought to the applications by the components"

"Paradox Viewer: I download the file and rescued all of my valuable old data in a few minutes. It works great!!!
Many thanks for making such a valuable tool available at a very reasonable price"
Terry Reiman

"Clarion Viewer: It works perfectly. Brilliant!"

"SMDBGrid: an excellent data-aware interface control. Most specific to our needs was its ability to save column details to the registry, allowing the control to return to its last known state when the owning form is closed. Taking this one step further, and saving the presets to a database, now allows us to have user predefined report outputs, which are both easy to set-up, and even easier to use within the office environment."
Dr. Nile Mosley MetriQ Ltd. MetriQ full automated time capture

"dBase Viewer: I'm a database developer. Your program has worked for where others have failed. I was able to open an older dbase file, see the data so that I knew I had the right file, and then save the file into another database format that I could access from my application."
Mike Turco

"Your Paradox viewer has enabled me to help a friend recover DB tables. A terrific piece of software. I've bookmarked your site and "I'll be back"! Thanks very much!"
Bob Friendship

"This's a very help/usefull site and anybody can learn something from here. Your Components are brilliant, so many programmers save their time using your components.The important thing is you attend quickly when the others have a problem and most of the time no need to consult anyone else regarding that. I hope that your name will not be forggotten especially among the Delphi programmers. Finaly, I would like to wish you all the best!!!"
Hemantha Muthukumarana

"I just want to say thanks for providing such a brilliantly simple and effective utility (Paradox Viewer)."
Robert Jennings, Marine Software Limited

"Paradox Viewer is Great
Thank you for the purchase of a functioning program. You have my greatest appreciation for your expertise."
Svarre Kurt Jensen

"I had a Paradox file of my library -- 700+ books. I no longer have access to Paradox and needed to view the file so I can transfer the information to another file format. The Paradox Viewer works splendidly."
John M. Custis

"Thanks for this great product (Paradox Viewer), it will be a life saver!"
Jarrod Higgins

"We are very satisfied with the software (Paradox Viewer), especially good is the capability to open corrupted files. So many thanks once again!"
Michael von Schantz, Holmasto

"Have to say what a great application this is, I am in the process of doing a data conversion from a paradox db to SQL and was struggling to find a quick way of getting the data out of db into sql. This is going to save so much time."
Tony Barnes

"Viewer for MS Outlook Messages:
This version worka fine with the smime.p7m encrypted emails."
Jerry Calleros

"dBase Viewer: it's working perfectly in Windows 7 64 bit."
Mike Helms

"Paradox Viewer: Your software is amazing. Solved my problem at first try."
Dario Bizzo Marques

"Clarion Viewer: thanks for making this product! We have a prospect that has this old clarion database (early 1990's). We needed to be able to extract the data to bring it into a new ERP system. With your viewer we will be able to help them move to a new system successfully!"
Don Ewing

"Paradox Viewer: it works great. I needed a way to get around my corrupted Intersolv 3.11 drivers, and this is a way for me to do it."
Jason Soroko

"SMImport suite: what would have taken me probably a full day to do, I was able to do in 2 hours with your control!"
Dan Rock

"TNEFView: it works perfectly.
Thanks for the quick response. You guys are a pleasure to deal with"
Matt Geary

"Paradox Viewer: Great little tool by the way
I had been struggling to get FMTMEMO data out of a Paradox table and that your tool will just export the whole table to Access in one go (including the memo data) is brilliant
Craig Hillsdon

"Viewer for MS Outlook messages: all works fine. Very nice piece of software I have to say, you solved a problem for me as I try to extricate myself from MS Outlook and suddenly realised I had saved all of these .msg files that I would no longer be able to read easily. Scalabium Software solved this problem for me!
Jonathan Seymour

"Paradox Viewer: Great software - appears to do all I need!
I'm in the process of re-developing a paradox database in a MS SQL environment. This will save me a lot of time.
Jonathan Taylor

"Paradox Viewer: Super ! Thanks for the quick response, i love this program. This will save me a lot of formatting hours :)
Herman Kamphuis

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