January 6, 1999

Congratulations! You passed at the Master's Level. You are now a Certified Master Delphi Programmer.

Your CERT ID Number is: 381737292

This certification is valid for one year from today's date. We will be sending you a certificate through mail (allow 2-4 weeks for delivery).

You are hereby authorized by TekMetrics to reference this certification on your resume, personal web page, or elswhere, and you may use the appropriate logo however you like. Employers who wish to verify this certification may do so online at www.tekmetrics.com/cert/certcheck.html. To verify a certification, they will require both your last name and your CERT ID Number, provided above. Please write down your CERT ID Number and put it in a safe place, or print out this page.

Assessment Results

Name Score
1.0 - 5.0
Description Weight
Delphi 3 4.08 Demonstrates a clear understanding of many advanced concepts within this topic. Appears capable of mentoring others on most projects in this area. 1.0

Total Score: 4.08

Questionnaire Results

Survey Item Response
First Name Mike
Last Name Shkolnik
E-Mail mshkolnik@rs-ukraine.kiev.ua
Employer Not Answered
Office Phone Not Answered
Home Phone 552-10-29
Home Address ul.Pragskaya, d4, kv39
Kiev, 253090, Ukraine
Mailing Address Not Answered
Applicant Status Self-Development
Delphi 3 Self Assessment Delphi 3 Master
ID Confirm Description mshkolnik
ID Confirmation Info mshkolnik

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