SMRunningText component

This component is an analog of a marque when text is scrolled in some defined direction.
7K Last updated: September 08, 1999
D3-7,CB3-6 Freeware (with sources): RunText.Zip

You can use next properties:
Direct property - this is direction in which text will be scrolled (diLeftToRight, diRightToLeft, diTopToBottom, diBottomToTop);
StyleLabel property - 3D-style which is used for text displaying (slNormal, slLowered, slRaised);
Layout property - you can change horizontal layout (tlTop, tlCenter, tlBottom);
Speed property - speed for scrolling
NumRepeat property - number for repeat
Continuous property - if you want to scroll a text continuously.

Scrolling will be started when you'll set Active := True.

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