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#19: How can I get the printer settings?

Today I continue to post a tips for printer settings. At first, you must open the printer device:

At first, you must open the printer device:

  FDevice: PChar;
  FDriver: PChar;
  FPort: PChar;
  DeviceMode: THandle;
  DevMode: PDeviceMode;

procedure OpenThePrinterDevice;
  Driver_Info2: PDriverInfo2;
  Retrieved: dword;
  hPrinter: THandle;
  Printer().GetPrinter(FDevice, FDriver, FPort, DeviceMode);
  if DeviceMode = 0 then
    Printer().GetPrinter(FDevice, FDriver, FPort, DeviceMode);
  OpenPrinter(FDevice, hPrinter, nil);
  GetMem(Driver_Info2, 255);
  GetPrinterDriver(hPrinter, nil, 2, Driver_info_2, 255, Retrieved);
  StrLCopy(FDriver, PChar(ExtractFileName(StrPas(Driver_Info2^.PDriverPath)) + #0), 63);
  FreeMem(Driver_info_2, 255);
  DevMode := GlobalLock(DeviceMode);

And now you can get the information from printer. For example, the orientation settings:

    if ((DevMode^.dmFields and DM_ORIENTATION) = DM_ORIENTATION) and
       (DevMode^.dmOrientation = DMORIENT_LANDSCAPE) then

Also you can detect a paper size, paper source, print duplex and quality etc. View a const description in Windows.pas.

At last, don't forget to unlock a device:

Published: August 30, 1999

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